The Happy Medium is Watercolor

  • Colorful Negative Spaces

    Colorful Negative Spaces

    From a scribbled texture rubbing to a bright and colorful painting. I learn from my mistakes… Lots and lots and lots of them.

  • Student Artists Sharing Art

    Student Artists Sharing Art

    Wow! This is the biggest end-of-semester art share I’ve seen yet! Trends this semester: We are all so, so pleased with this outpouring of creativity from such a small school. We would love to hear your feedback. MCA gallery at

  • New Studio Space!

    New Studio Space!

    My house is too full of lovely people to have a designated studio space at home. Today I started the first day in a shared studio about 15 miles from my house. It’s beautiful, clean, and the art partner is a really cool metal and glass worker. August, September, October you can register for Art…

  • A Little Chaos Added

    Smack dab in the middle of a beautiful morning planning my summer art retreat invitations, and stocking a larger studio space — the phone blows up with messages from siblings, cousins, neighbors, and friends. My kids and I are trying to figure out if should we drive the hours to see Grampy/Dad in the hospital…

  • Where I painted this morning

    Where I painted this morning

    I will come back later to post the finished painting, but this is a great place to visit! On location from Front Street in Belfast, Maine.

  • Everything’s blending together this week.

    Everything’s blending together this week.

    Work is slamming me up against deadlines and a deafening chorus of everyone else’s thoughts. All of it just started blending into an amorphous lump of grey. So… When the system crashed, I did what any impulsive creative person would do… I took some time off. When my breathing became regular again. Things came into…

  • Painting at the Rocky Shore in Belfast, Maine.

    Painting at the Rocky Shore in Belfast, Maine.

    I have been waiting weeks to work on the shore. Finally no ice or rain, just wind.

  • Two Portraits of the Bride

    Two Portraits of the Bride

  • Those Icy Branches

    Those Icy Branches

    I really enjoyed today’s painting livestream with The Frugal Crafter. Here is my first attempt trying iridescent watercolors. I did not have Inktense blocks, so I used my staining paints and VanGogh watercolor pencils for those parts. My watercolor white had pretty good opacity, but I had a white gel pen on standby. I…

  • Card Making Round Robin with Young Friends

    Card Making Round Robin with Young Friends

    References came from,, various kawaii coloring books, and tutorials. (Students did not always provide accreditation for their suggestions.) We had a great time sharing each other’s interests. So, where will I send these?

  • Winter Berries

    Winter Berries

  • It is Finally Winter

    It is Finally Winter

    I’m one of those people who thinks it is late fall until it snows, still winter until I see a crocus poking up, and notvreally summer until it feels good and warm to run around barefoot or go swimming, which lasts until the leaves actually change colors until fall. The calendar seasons are just what…

  • Sharing Chloe Rose Art “I Opened The Worlds FIRST ART Advent Calendar?!?” on YouTube

    Sharing Chloe Rose Art “I Opened The Worlds FIRST ART Advent Calendar?!?” on YouTube

    Chloe is helping Tracy raise funds for Stuart’s urgent medical flight home – Chloe’s uncle. Pray, care, share. The Advent Calendar in Chloe’s video is filled with daily art samples in an acrylic paint theme. Speaking of art supplies… Today I am boxing up art supply kits for middle and high school students at…

  • Unfinished Paintings From Life

    Unfinished Paintings From Life

    In the mad fall rush, I am incredibly inspired, and very short on time. Also, I have a job, and a cold, and a backlog from the last days of living with cancer. I have a new lease on life, and a wall-busting attitude to break free of multiple years of feeling sick and unable.…

  • Discovering Who They Are And Letting Them Be

    Sometimes you start out painting with expectations, but a paint puddle or brush over a bump can cause transitions. I choose to love the process, enjoy surprise discoveries, and keep painting.

  • A Brisk Autumn Walk

    A Brisk Autumn Walk

  • A Season of Healing

    A Season of Healing

    My father is still in the hospital. His recovery from heart surgery has been slow, although I still expect him to return the strongest of us all. Is that just the daughter in me, expecting all strength from her father? Meanwhile, I have had a round with the doctors and nurses, with a hospital stay.…

  • The Grapevine

    The Grapevine

    I was reading a magazine in the doctor’s office called The Grapevine. I decided to get a great reference photo from Lorenzo Ranuzzi at Unsplash.

  • Simple Blessings 2021

    Simple Blessings 2021

    A morning sketch of our windowsill garden.

  • Paint lessons from The Organic Artist

    Paint lessons from The Organic Artist

    I wandered brookside on inspiration from Nick Neddo in The Organic Artist. He has written a version of this book for kids and their guardians, and another book for adult artists interested in making art from natural materials. Heads up for my Art History students — collect soft pigmented stones in your egg carton this…

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