Everyone is at Home Here

We took a family trip before everything shut down. A few months later… I can’t imagine breaking up the family to go back. My new normal is having my dad, my grown kids, and cousins nearby.

Stay tuned for the grand opening of my new art retreat in the next year! I’m just hunting up a Maine location to replace my little cabin in Florida.

I am working on teacher certification in my home state, and still teaching my little friends in China, BTW. Everything is online at the moment.

DaDa Teacher: Lucy J
Cambly ESL Teacher: Lucy Jartz

And, if it happens to be snowing out my satellite dish connections… I love painting!

Lucy J gets creative with her online students.
Birds in the Snow

Community Center Student Art Show 2020

My weekly classes at the BOCC Lecanto are going great! The students amaze me with their enthusiasm and creativitity! If you are in the neighborhood, visit the Lakes Region Library to see their art on display.

The cats and bee are mine. The rest are student art by Virginia, Mike, Esther, and Kathy.

Student Art by Jeanne VB, Rita, Rose, and Rowena.
Student Art by Kathy, Linda, and Hilton.
Student Art by Dolores and Esther.

If you have any comments, I will be happy to pass them on to the artists!

What is Lucy doing now?

I am painting plein air in my community.

I also painted a red canoe.

I am teaching online and live classes.

I added video mini lessons to my live classes.

I am decorating for Christmas with my adult children! (I am so thankful that my eldest is visiting too!)

I hope all is well with you too!

A Little Italy, A Little Family History

My mother was adopted by her stepfather as an infant. My aunt is a true Italian by birth. My father’s father is Canadian. I’m a hardy American mix. Until last year I was married to a man who is allergic to garlic…so. I am named after my father’s mother Lucy, and my mother’s aunt Lucia. And I love to paint at Little Italy Deli and Bakery [Inverness, FL] where they make me feel so welcome to paint, to eat, to bring my artistic friends! If you come to eat and can’t decide, order the chalkboard special, because it is always fantastico!

I paint there when I’m free. I cannot apologize for my wonky perspective lines, because I haven’t found a cure for them, yet they refuse be flat. I like that. They’re colorful, creative little mishaps.

My sweet cappuccino.
The house water.
This is my talented co-teacher for Thursday art classes, Virginia.
Virginia’s painting of the restaurant.
Another patron at lunch.

Little Italy Deli & Bakery, 124 N Apopka Ave, Inverness, Florida 34450

Community Fountain

We are so blessed to have such beautiful gathering places in our community. Several families visited the fountain, gazebos, and shops nearby while I painted.

I love how the memories come back when I revisit a painting, even if not depicted specifically. One family had the most lively, sparkling with playfulness, little girl! She painted the fountain too! This is Grace’s painting with water drops from painting at the very edge of the fountain. God bless her! Life is good.

Grace painted this at the water’s edge! She is about 2 years old.

A Bit of Golden Sun

There is a lot to paint at the courthouse square.

A glimpse of golden sun on the dome inspired me to drive over to the square where the sky took on a beautiful blue-dark. I blended the inspirations as the sky changed in front of me. I completed the trees and grass in the studio.

Truck Tats

Just completed a bespoke conversion of an arm tattoo into vinyl adhesive “truck tattoos.”

You can have your art printed onto vinyl vehicle stickers. I designed this painting to complement the truck driver’s recent tattoo.

Stop and Smell the BBQ

I started painting some lovely florals and got a little distracted by The Ice Cream Doctor (and smoking hot BBQ lab out back, with a fire breathing dragon, maybe). They supplied us with cold drinks and flavorful portions of hot and cold temptations. We were not disappointed!

My friend, neighbor, coworker, art student, and On-Call Opinionator decided to sketch the whole shop front! She hasn’t gotten around to painting it yet…Maybe in class Thursday.

Please note: The On-Call Opinionator is an unpaid position. She might tell you my hours are terrible too.

Grandpa Taught Him to Drive

Watercolor painting: A boy on his grandpa's lawn tractor. 

The portrait process from photo, sketches, memories, and the painting.
How quickly they grow up!

The photo does not always match what I see. How strange I thought it was that the camera had captured random branches between us, but missed the changes in his smile. I can omit distracting things, and show the brightness of the day, and how beautiful this boy is to me. This is why we need art, because cameras do not always see what we see… with possible exceptions for truly talented photographers such as Paul Militaru, Cindy Knoke, and Gallivanta.

A Renewal in my Art

I am teaching more and painting more.

Watercolor by Lucy J
Monarch butterfly on a purple clover.
I am posting less. I apologize. This has been a year of growth for me, and I hope you can see the changes in my art. I will begin moving student art to a new page soon, so this page will be only my original artwork.

Doodling Devotions

We had a new speaker for summer conference. I’m one who doodles to prevent distractions. This is an abstraction of the window above our pastors’ heads.

He said, “Christ in you, you in Christ.”

Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church, guest speaker Rankin Wilbourne.

Community Art Exhibit

Watercolor and mixed media art from my art students and me are on display through February 2019 at the Lakes Region Library 1511 Druid Rd, Inverness, Florida.

My artwork

Student Art from the Central Citrus Community Center a

Art Class, Thursdays at 12:15-1:30 p.m.

Art is on display in the Reference section of the Lakes Region Library until February 28th.